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Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate our dads and show them how much they mean to us! From breakfast to bedtime, we’ve got you covered!

The first thing you’ll need to organise is a delicious breakfast in bed. Instead of the usual bacon and eggs, we recommend going all out and making something really special that’s out of the ordinary! Everyone loves freshly baked goods, so why not bake this delicious Banana Bread for dad? You can find a recipe via Checkers over here. And on the side, you can make these super interesting Peanut Butter and Berry Tacos! They take just 5 minutes to make and are a tasty and healthy breakfast treat. You can serve bacon or dad’s other favourites on the side, but he will definitely appreciate you doing something special for him!


Gather the family together and give dad his special gifts. This could be anything, big or small just to say thank you for taking such good care of us and being such an amazing father! Dad’s also love home-made cards, so be creative and put a lot of effort into it!

For lunch, you’ll definitely be planning a braai for dad! There is nothing they love more than sitting around a roaring fire and spending time with their family. While he might end up doing some of the cooking here, it’s still up to you to help out with the side dishes. Again, we want to prepare something exciting and different. What about this Biltong and Strawberry Salad with Brie from Checkers?

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If you think that sounds amazing, then you’ll definitely love these Bacon Wrapped Braai Broodjies from Woolworths! They also have a stunning recipe for Braaied Lamb Chops with Bean Mash. If it’s raining or too cold to braai on Father’s Day, then these pan-cooked Green Peppercorn T-Bone Steaks will save the day! If you are able to enjoy the braai outside, then you absolutely need to try this Beer Marinated Boerewors for something totally different! Another fantastic side dish is are these Sweet Potato Braai Boats.

After lunch, go on a family walk together and get outside. Maybe you can grab the bicycles and the dogs and spend some quality time together outside.


For dinner, don’t let dad cook! We highly recommend popping to our food court which is currently doing take-aways. Choose from burgers, sushi, pizza or fried chicken. View our full restaurant offering here. We hope that you like these ideas and that you’ll have a memorable and magical day as a family. Happy Father’s Day from all of us at Blue Route Mall!

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