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Some of your favourite kids clothing stores are running end-of-season sales right now, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on winter goodies for your children. We took a look around our stores and gathered a few of our favourite, most adorable items that will look super cute on your kids! Some parents like to buy winter clothing one size up so that the kids fashion items last until next season. Let’s take a look around!

Pick n Pay Clothing has adorable boys’ sleeveless puffers. These offer the best of both worlds – cosy and warm without being restrictive. Get these funky jackets from R139.99

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Earthchild and Naartjie always has the cutest girls clothing. Chunky, puffy Parka jackets pair nicely with a pair of comfy tights and boots so that your little one stays warm but is still comfortable enough for play! Tights are our favourite winter essential for girls and would also look sweet with a loose, over-sized jersey or this cute jersey-dress below!

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If you’re looking for affordable items at good quality, then you need to swing past Mr Price to see what they have in store! Shop puffer jackets from only R229.99 and find gorgeous pull-overs, knits and girls fluffy bomber jackets from only R80.00. We really love their RT range, so don’t forget to stop by and see what they have in store!

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Earthchild and Naartjie also have the cutest boys range this season. They’re big fans of classic navy blue and grey and have a wide variety of beautiful sweatshirts and hoodies. Don’t forget the winter pyjamas either!


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Ackermans always has the sweetest character outfits. From super heroes to Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse. Their track tops and hoodies start at only R119.95 so you’ll find great value for money with good quality items for your little ones. They also have Parka, Bomber and Puffer jackets with faux fur linings, keeping your kids stylish and sweet this chilly season!

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Lastly, we must admit that we’re huge fans of PEP clothing. You’ll find comfy tracksuits for only R74.99 in loads of different colours. Puffer jackets are only R149.99 so you can grab a few this winter. Their plush tops for girls would look really cute with their patterned or plain leggings, and they have character, Marvel, Pixar and Disney long sleeved tops from only R44.99. You can definitely do a lot of shopping at PEP, which is perfect for little ones who grow so quickly!


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We’re sure that you’ve seen something you like in this list! Don’t forget that our Woolworths and Edgars stores also offer a big selection of children’s clothing. You can find a full list of all our clothing stores right here. We can’t wait to welcome you to our mall for lots of great deals and end of season sales on kids winter fashion. See you soon!

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