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Kids seem to need brand-new wardrobes every Winter! We’re here to save the day with our gorgeous range of kids clothing currently available at Mr Price, Naartjie, Earth Child, LTD Kids, Woolworths and Ackermans. Note that MOST of our fashion stores are currently open for Winter shopping. Find the full list and trading hours here. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite leggings, jackets, knits, tights, jerseys, shoes and accessories for kids aged baby – tween. These items are all extremely adorable and your little ones and kids will look absolutely charming in any of these. Happy shopping, parents.

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The baby & toddler range from Ackermans is sweet and darling! There’s nothing more fun than dressing up your brand new baby in cozy winter outfits. Don’t forget the accessories and to keep those tiny little heads warm. Ackermans has a huge range of baby clothes from newborn to 24 months, so they would be one of our first picks for baby clothes. We also really love Woolworths for sweet outfits, so make those two your first stops!

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Mr Price is always a great pick for kids clothing from kids to tweens. We also really love Edgars and Pick n Pay clothing for more great options. Your kids will look great in these outfits, from knits to trousers, accessories, boots and zip-up sweaters for boys.

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Their girls clothing is just as charming with some Disney themed items, bear and wooly jackets, knits, jeans and hoodies. Your little princess will look as sweet as pie in this season’s great winter items. Our favourite items to add to any little girl’s wardrobe is a good pair of tights. These are great for layering, and nice and stretchy and comfortable for free play!

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Parents absolutely love Earth Child clothing. They are basic, great quality garments that last long and fit great on kids of all ages. Their toddler and children options are great and you will really fall in love with the quality. Here are a few of our favourite Earth Child picks for this season. Find all these items in our mall!

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And if you like Earth Child, then you will definitely love Naartjie. Both these brands are under the Truworths group, and both promise the same level of quality and classic, playful designs. Here’s a quick look at our favoutire Naartjie items that we’ve spotted in our store. These gorgeous, classic and cute items are so perfect for winter and will keep your little ones warm, snug, comfortable and stylish all season long!

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We hope that you enjoyed this selection and look forward to welcoming you and your family back into our mall soon. Remember to wear your mask (both adults and kids) and pay attention to our strict hygiene protocol. You will always shop safely with us. We will see you soon!

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