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It seems strange that we are all bundled up at home this Easter, but these are very scary times for our nation and we are determined to still have a fun, delicious and entertaining holiday for the whole family – right at home!  Note that our Woolworths Food, Checkers , Dis-Chem and Clicks are still open and operating – so you can definitely stock up on ALL your Easter goodies at Blue Route as usual.

1. The HUNT

The Easter Egg Hunt is a firm highlight with the kids. If you don’t have a garden, or you only have a courtyard or balcony: Don’t worry! You can create a super fun Easter treasure hunt right in your house, living room and even in their bedrooms. What a sweet surprise to find some chocolate bunnies right in their sock drawers. The hunt is an absolute essential for any Easter celebration for kids, and could even be fun for adults! Make your partner hunt for their treats this Easter if you want to!


2. The Decor

Get the kids involved in making colourful decor, bunting, place mats or whatever they like for the table. Make your house as festive as possible so that the day really stands out for the whole family. We found a few very sweet craft & DIY ideas for kids, but our favourite is this sweet Easter Bunny Garland. Buy some pretty paper from Checkers. Print out this garland template, or just cut out a bunny shape and use it as a template. Then you need some string and cotton wool for tails and you’re done! This would look so sweet strung over the dining table, or even to hang outside during your hunt!


For those without kids, you might want ideas that are more contemporary, classic or modern. We love decorating with flowers, which would be especially beautiful if you can have your Easter table outdoors. Use clippings & flowers from your garden or pop to Checkers or Woolies to grab a few beautiful bunches. Another lovely idea is decorating with candy! Buy some colourful eggs & sweets and mix them with your flower decor to create a sweet treat of a table!



3. The Food

Apart from all those delicious Easter Eggs you’ve been eating for the past few days (weeks? haha), tradition says that we should be cooking a delicious Easter feast and enjoy it together as a family. We also love the idea of cooking together on this day, and really focusing on being grateful and on being together.



We love the look of this tangy Blue Cheese & Citrus Salad from Checkers. This refreshing salad is the perfect starter to serve with red meat and it’s beautiful to look at, too!


Traditionally, you should be opting for a lamb roast for the table. This video & recipe on Easy Easter Lamb Roast looks delicious and so simple to follow. We highly recommend serving it with these Triple Cooked Duck Fat Potatoes if you really want to impress your family! Checkers recommends this Butterflied Leg of Lamb on their side. It’s served with Rosemary and Mint Salsa, which sounds absolutely amazing.


We are obsessed with this delicious-looking Hot Cross Bun Pumpkin Pudding from Woolworths Food. Another option is to just enjoy your chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies.

We hope that you liked some of these ideas. We wish you a happy, festive Easter and hope that you all stay safe and we wish you good health. 

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