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It’s a bittersweet moment when we send our kids back to school every year. Holidays with kids can be chaotic because entertaining little ones over the festive season is loads of hard work for parents! But as soon as they’re out the door and back in the classroom, most of us feel a bit weepy. The worst part could be the stress right before school starts. Running around and looking for lunch boxes and school socks at the last minute is the absolute worst, so we’ve created a few tips to help you ease back into the school routine to ensure smooth-sailing for the entire family!

1. Uniforms

Whether your kids are in play school, primary or high school, chances are that they are going to need some new uniforms or a few fresh wardrobe items for the new year. Ackermans is one of our favourites to get the basics for little ones, including shiny new school shoes for their very first day! Jet is another favourite as they’re well-priced and we all know how quickly little ones grow! Head to Edgars for more basic items and don’t forget the swimwear, as South African children start the school year with swimming or gala. PEP and Woolworths is also here for you, with everything you’ll need from backpacks to school socks.

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2. Haircuts

Boys’ hair grows at lightning speed, so take your kids for a fresh new haircut before the school year starts. We have three hairdressers in our mall, so get dialing and make those appointments now. Every parent in the suburbs is going to be rushing to the mall to get those last minute slots, so get in touch with Carlton Hair, Partners Hair Design or Edge for Men who will gladly assist you in getting your kids looking neat and tidy for the new year! Find all their details here.


3. Stationery

Head to our Checkers or Yokico to stock up on books, plastic, cellotape, glue and pencils for everything your children will need to start their year fully prepared. Don’t forget that you’ll need supplies to cover books, too! You’ll find adorable lunch boxes at Woolworths too, so don’t forget to pay them a little visit.


4. Lunchbox Ideas

Packing the perfect lunchbox can be a daunting task for most parents. We recommend stocking up on lots of snacks so that you always have something healthy and nutritious to pack in. A school lunchbox should always contain at least three portions of fruit or vegetables, a grain and a protein. Depending on your budget, the ideal lunchbox should contain something like:

1 apple

1 banana

1 (wholewheat) peanut butter or cheese sandwich

1 packet of crispy veg like carrots or sweet peas

1 boiled egg, meatball or chicken drumstick or nuts

1 water or natural fruit juice

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If you want to get more creative or if your child has certain allergies or dietary requirements, we recommend checking out this very helpful guide that Woolworths put together for you.

We hope that you and your children have a wonderful, stress-free back to school experience with minimal tears and lots of joy and pride. We look forward to seeing you and your kids back in our mall again soon!

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