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There are over 2, 800 undercover and open vehicle parking bays at Blue Route Mall including specially designated parking bays for Blue Route Mall visitors with special needs, located throughout the car parks adjacent to the entrances as well as moms and tots parking bays for the convenience of our moms with prams and little ones.

Shoppers have a choice of either ample undercover paid parking or the easily accessible free open parking.

While parking may be paid for in cash or via credit card, regular shoppers may prefer the stress-free choice of a pre-paid parking card. Available from the Parking Office between lobbies 5 and 6 in the undercover parking area, pre-paid parking cards may be loaded with money, granting shoppers access to the parking area without having to pay after every visit. As the parking exits will not be manned by cashiers, pre-paid cards are a simple and convenient solution that loyal shoppers will appreciate. The minimum value to be loaded on to a pre-paid card is R100, thereafter loading can be done in multiples of R50 with a maximum of R300 loaded on to one card.

For more information on the undercover parking facility, and pre-paid parking cards, please contact the Parking Office on 021 712 2838.

For your safety we have now installed touchless parking ticket dispensers.

Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor as indicated on the entry boom machine for a ticket to be issued or if you require assistance at the ticket machines or entry and exit booms to activate the intercom.

Stay safe!


Free yourself from parking tickets with admyt at Blue Route Mall.

Parking just got a whole lot smarter here at Blue Route Mall with admyt ticketless parking. Skipping the queue is super simple. Just log onto and sign up in 3 simple steps.

The next time you arrive, your number plate will be scanned and the gate will automatically open so you can drive straight through – windows up!

When you’re ready to leave, just drive straight out. No ticket, no Q, no worries.

The best part is there are no extra hidden fees or charges with adymt – you simply pay the standard parking fee! Jump into the fast lane @ today.