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We all love food and definitely can’t live without it. We’ve looked to popular quiz site, BuzzFeed, and want to share their famous FOODIE QUIZ with you!

Step 1: Take their quiz to find out who you really are when it comes to food: CLICK HERE. Are you a Fancy, Healthy, Normal or Junk Foodie? Once you have your results, come back here where we’ll predict your favourite restaurants and food outlets to get your best next fix!

c l i m b  e v e r y  m o u n t a i n (11)You love to visit restaurants. You’re always trying new dishes and experimenting with different flavours. You never order something that you can make at home. You’re an adventurous eater and a professional orderer. You never go for the safest thing on the menu. Does this sound like you? Then you’ll love our mall. Our top picks for you are: Jakura Sushi & Asian Cuisine, Kauai, Ocean Basket and Mugg & Bean. Don’t forget our gorgeous coffee shop: Stella’s. Here’s just a visual taste of a few dishes that we know you’ll enjoy!

ocean basket 2Mugg n bean 2kauai 6ocean basket 3

c l i m b  e v e r y  m o u n t a i n (12)You want food that nourishes and feeds your body instead of simply satisfying your hunger. You genuinely enjoy salads, seafood, vegetables and smoothies. You’re in luck, because we pride ourselves in our healthy food offering at Blue Route Mall. Our top picks for you are definitely Kauai, Ocean Basket, Mugg n Bean and Marcel’s Frozen Yoghurt. Don’t forget our biltong outlet (Solely Namaqualand Biltong) for a healthy, lean and high-protein snack, and most definitely make a turn at Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts to stock up on your favourite healthy treats. Here’s just a teaser of what we have on offer at our mall…

marcels 4kauai 3Mugg n bean 1ocean basket 5kauai 2

c l i m b  e v e r y  m o u n t a i n (13)Sometimes you want to eat junk food, but at other times you prefer healthy food. It all depends on your mood, but you don’t follow a specific lifestyle or set of rules. You eat a completely balanced diet and listen to your body’s needs. Does this sound like you? If so, you’re in luck because absolutely all our food outlets will appeal to you. From juicy burgers to crunchy salads, delicious hot dogs at Sausage Saloon and fresh, meaty pies at Pie City. If you’re a coffee lover (as all normal foodies are) then you’ll really love our specialty Peacock Tea & Coffee café. We look forward to seeing you at our food court again soon!

spur 2kauai 4kfc 5marcels 3

c l i m b  e v e r y  m o u n t a i n (14)Your shopping trolley is always full of snack packs and sodas. You’re the go-to food person on a movie or picnic date. You really enjoy your food and you almost always love carbs, cheese and meat. We’re secretly jealous because who wouldn’t want to eat burgers, fried chicken, pizza and ribs all day, every day? We’ve got all your favourites at hand with Burger King, KFC, Wimpy, Spur, Debonairs, Pie City AND Sausage Saloon. You definitely won’t go hungry when you’re visiting us. Don’t forget to stop by the movies for your beloved popcorn and slushie! We hope to see you soon : )

burger king 1debonairs 1kfc 1spur 1For more information on our full food offering, please visit our website and store directory here. We look forward to seeing (and eating with you) soon!

Psssst: Don’t forget that we also offer THREE hours of FREE WiFi to all our visitors, to you can definitely stay in touch while you’re enjoying your time with us.

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