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Entertaining kids in the school holidays is T R I C K Y. Keeping kids occupied when they’re bouncing with energy (or worse: bored) is definitely challenging for most parents. We have your back, and we’ve researched the absolute best things to do with your kids! Keep this list handy for every holiday, because it is gold!

We understand that most parents need to still work during the day and don’t have the luxury, time or energy to run around during working hours. We’ve kept every parent, budget and schedule in mind when creating this list for you. Enjoy our top 5 tips!

Playdates are YOUR friend. 

Gather other parents and organise play dates with other moms. This is a great way to swap time out between caregiving, eg offer to take another mom’s child for an afternoon or to a movie, and then your child can play at theirs on the other day. Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help. It really does take a village and there’s nothing wrong with having a solid support system!

If you need a place to work while they play, our Ster-Kinekor is great for older kids and we have a variety of great coffee shops and restaurants where you can work from. We also offer 3 hours free Wi-Fi. Now that’s an easy way to get a few hours to yourself! View the latest movie releases here. Also definitely check out our Kids Shack, where the kids can blow off some steam. It’s located on the first floor in our mall and has experienced staff monitoring the play equipment. We also have seating and refreshments available for parents! More here.


Get busy 

We’re lucky that Cape Town is extremely beautiful and scenic. It’s also great for kids. We found a few GREAT lists of kid-friendly restaurants, parks, markets and other themed activities. Find them here: 50 Kickass Activities for Kids, Free and Cheap Things To Do With Kids and 32 Things TO Do With Kids in Cape Town.

Kids love our mall because they can socialize, watch movies, grab a burger, hang out and still stay connected online with our 3 hours of FREE Wi-Fi.

Don’t miss our National Cupcake Day event on Saturday, 28 September. Cupcakes of Hope is a non-profit company that aims to raise awareness of the early warning signs of childhood cancer. Cupcakes of Hope call on cake decorators or people who love baking to donate decorated cupcakes for this day. These cupcakes will be given away in return for a R10 donation in order to raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer. More about this special event here.



Water is fun! (and free)

We have gorgeous beaches and public swimming pools in and around Cape Town! Kids will happily spend an entire day in the water, especially if they have a few cool pool toys, beach accessories and games. You’ll find a wide range of outdoor games and extras at our Mr Price Sport, Crazy Store and even our King Cake Party Shop.

Grab a beach ball, volleyball net, pool noodle or fun floats to make those beach and pool trips even more extra! Also check out Cape Union Mart who have gorgeous picnic sets, and Mr Price Home for picnic blankets and beach towels.



Stock up 

Kids love books, board games, crafts and paints. Did you know that you can even make your own playdoh? The kids will LOVE it. If you’re not a naturally ‘crafty mom’, check out these fantastic ideas that we found online. Find a super easy Play-Doh recipe here. Get arty with over 80 super doable crafts here. We especially love the Superhero Hands.

You can find kids art supplies at Yokiko, Pick n Pay and Checkers. You’ll also find super fun toys and board games at The Crazy Store too. CUM Books has a great children’s book selection. If you need inspiration on which books to buy, check out this nifty list of 2019’s Most Exciting Picture Books.



Tech saves lives (and parents)

There’s no doubt that kids absolutely love tech. We have loads of gaming and gadget stores in our mall. Maybe they want to trade a few of their PlayStation / Xbox games for new ones? Or browse the latest releases and gadgets in gaming.

Check out BT Games (they let you trade games), Computer Mania, Gadget Time  and Incredible Connection for fun, techy things that the kids can pine over. There’s nothing wrong with your kids spending a few hours playing TV or PC games while you get a break to unwind or get some work and errands done. Hosting a gaming day / marathon at your house is also a great way for the kids to socialise and stay connected over the school holidays!


We hope that you enjoyed these tips and ideas and wish your kids a really happy and fun school break. Best of luck to all the parents in our community. You’ve got this!

Looking for something specific? Find our full store directory here.

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