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We’re so excited to tell you that most of your favourite eateries are serving take-aways at Blue Route Mall! These include Burger King, Debonair’s Pizza, Jakura Sushi & Asian Cuisine. You can also order from Kauai, Stella’s and KFC! So whether you’re craving a juicy burger, a cheesy pizza, sushi or a healthy smoothie – we’ve got what you want. Note that all our restaurants are practicing strict hygiene protocols to prepare and deliver their meals to you.

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Our restaurants are super convenient for you to grab something to eat after your shopping so you don’t have to cook for yourself or the family.

Kauai is famous for their nutritious, freshly made meals by using only the best local farm-sourced & free range ingredients. They also cater for vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free diets. Most famous for their delicious breakfasts, wholesome wraps and nourishing smoothies. Let’s take a look at some of your favourites.


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If you’re craving some yummy comfort food like pizza, burgers or fried chicken, then you’ll love all the specials, promos and great deals that are currently running at KFC, Debonairs Pizza and Burger King. Here are a few of our favourite promotions for you to try out! Burger King lets you choose any two promo meals for R100! That’s super great value. You can view their full menu and all their promotions here. Don’t forget to try their delicious Family Meal for only R238.00 which serves a family of 4.


Debonairs Pizza has brought out a limited Lockdown Menu which you can see here. They’ve still got all your favourites, so don’t panic. Some branches are offering their full menu, but either way – you can still take full advantage of these incredible deals, specials and promotions. Their Double-Crammed Crust pizza promises to be their meatiest pizza EVER and we can’t wait to try it! They’ve also launched a mouthwatering Triple-Decker Pizza that definitely needs to be on your list!

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You can’t really beat fried chicken, and KFC always gets it right. They have 3 great promotions running at the moment. For families, they offer a 10-piece family treat for only R214.90 which includes all your favourite Kentucky Fried Chicken staples. Their 8-piece family Treat is only R195.90 and their All in One is perfect to share with their creamy mash and gravy, juicy chicken and crispy chips! For the singles out there – you can’t go wrong with their world-famous Streetwise Deals. Which one would you pick?

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As if we haven’t made your mouth water enough, you can get the most delicious, fresh sushi and Asian favourites at Jakura Sushi & Asian Cuisine. If sushi is your favourite, then you need to pop by immediately to grab some great, flavourful dishes and pieces for the whole family. While you’re here, don’t forget that Stella’s coffee shop serves the most divine, strong and aromatic coffee. Our caffeine lovers can still get their fix for before, after or during their shopping trips!



We hope that you’ve enjoyed this delicious post and that you’ll come visit us again soon to pick up some tasty treats. See you soon!

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