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Happy New Year to all our customers and readers! It’s a new year and a new decade, which is filling most of us with loads of inspiration! This is the most popular time for people to make new year’s resolutions and try and improve ourselves, our health and our habits for the better. Sticking to our own resolutions is probably the hardest part. In this post, we’re going to explore the 3 most popular New Year’s Resolutions worldwide, and how we can assist you in making your goals a reality, and help keep you motivated!

1. Manage finances better

January is when most of us realise that we might not be that great at managing money. The best advice that we can give is to pop into one of our banks and make an appointment with a financial advisor. An advisor will look at your entire financial portfolio and habits to help you plan your next month, year and your financial future. From pensions to savings to account structure – they are here to help! View all the banks available in our mall here.


2. Eat Healthier

This is so important and can be completely life-changing for you and your family. Eating well will improve your health, mood, energy levels and self confidence. We’re not big fans of eating well to lose weight, because that can be a very stressful goal which could lead to disappointment if you do not achieve your goals fast enough. Dieting can be dangerous and is a short-term solution. If you eat healthy, you will gradually improve various aspects of your life and the weight loss will follow naturally. Focus on being healthy, and the rest of the benefits will follow quickly. Pop in to our Checkers or Woolworths Food and stock up on a trolley full of healthy food for you and your family. If your fridge is full of freshness, it’s easier to be dedicated to your goals. In our food court, you’ll love Kauai for delicious, healthy meals and you’ll find plenty of healthy substitutions at most popular eateries on our premises. More here.


3. Be More Active

Being active improves almost every aspect of your life. You will sleep better, have more energy, be happier (hello, endorphins!) and you will genuinely feel better. Set a goal right now and sign up for a 5km walk, a 10km race or even a half marathon. Take a look at this really neat calendar from Runner’s World, where they’re outlined all the races, fun walks and running events for 2020. Pick a few that interest you and get the whole family involved. The first thing you’ll need is gear, so invest in some good quality running or hiking shoes, a yoga mat, gym gear or sporting goods. Spending your money on this investment will definitely motivate you, and will hold you accountable for your own goals. We also recommend getting a fitness watch from one of our sporting stores that will help you track your progress to show you how well you’re doing! Find all our sporting stores here.


We’re wishing all of you a very healthy and successful 2020. Let’s all achieve our goals this year!

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