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Mother’s Day is this Sunday, 10 May! It’s a bit tricky this year, but we’ve created the perfect gift guide to ensure that your mom (or your wife) gets something she absolutely loves this Mother’s Day. Note that a lot of our stores are currently OPEN under Level 4; see the full list here.

It’s time for Winter shopping and we are SO excited that we can offer these great ideas for you to shop. First up, every woman needs a great pair of Winter boots!  If you’re not sure of the colour, shape or size that your mom would prefer, then grab her a voucher so that she can choose her favourite pair. Take a look around our stores to see the price ranges and all of our stores will gladly assist you with a voucher for your special mom or wife.

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For more gorgeous winter must-haves, you should definitely look for a beautiful coat and scarves. No woman can have enough good coats or chunky, warm or decorative scarves. Again, if you’re not sure about sizes and styles – you can always get something that you think she will love, but keep the slip and let her know that she’s welcome to exchange them. You want mom to have something that she absolutely loves!



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Mom might have a sweet tooth, and it’s always a treat to get a box of delicious chocolates, cookies or biscuits. You can even create a chocolate hamper for her and add in lots of little things that she loves in-between. Serve this gift with a cup of hot tea or coffee in bed!

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We promise you that you can’t go wrong with a good bathrobe or gown, paired with some matching, fluffy slippers. Mom will absolutely love living in these over Autumn and Winter – especially during lockdown. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one! Again, just grab a voucher if you’re not sure which one she’d love most! We love Woolworths for gowns, so maybe look there first!



We all love our beds, but getting some gorgeous Winter sheets and bedding is an extra special treat. Look at @Home, Sheet Street, Mr Price Home and Woolworths for beautiful winter blankets, throws, sheeting and towelling. Mom loves lounging around in bed, reading a book or getting some work done. You can’t go wrong with some new bedding for her to enjoy!

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We hope that you enjoyed these ideas and we can’t wait to welcome you back to our fashion and homeware stores so that you can shop safely with us. We wish all our moms a happy Mother’s Day!

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