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We love treating ourselves, and Blue Route Mall has everything you need for when that sweet tooth strikes! From delicious cakes, waffles, ice cream, milkshakes and sundaes, you’ll definitely find something yummy in our mall. We took a look around our many restaurants and picked a few of our most favourite treats to get your cravings going!

First up, we absolutely love Wimpy milkshakes! They come in all kinds of flavours, from Strawberry to Milo to Milky Bar. Don’t forget their mouth-watering waffles with loads of toppings. They’re a big hit with kids (and adults too!)

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Spur is famous for their Chicko The Clown – a firm favourite for everyone. Their classic ice cream and chocolate sauce is a traditional staple, with creamy vanilla ice cream topped with crispy dark chocolate. Don’t forget their yummy brownies and milkshakes too!

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We all love KFC, and their super delicious classic ice cream cones. These are perfect for the warmer weather and really hit the spot when you’re looking for something sweet and creamy. Their Krushers are super popular, best served with their ultra-sweet strawberry sundae!

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If you love ice cream, but you’re looking for a healthier option, then head straight to Marcel’s. They have a big variety of flavours! Our favourites are the Strawberry, Chocolate and the English Toffee. You can get your treat in cups or in a cone, and they have the option of adding yummy toppings if you feel like some extra sweetness.

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But don’t forget cake! You won’t find better cakes than at our Mugg n Bean or our Stella’s coffee shop. Here you’ll find decadent chocolate cakes, sweet and tangy lemon meringue and super creamy cheese cakes in big portions. Nothing beats a cup of really great coffee with a slice of gorgeous cake. Perfect for sharing!



Back to ice cream! Have you tried Burger King’s Kit-Kat Sundae? It is life changing! They often have limited edition sundaes so keep an eye out for new flavours. We really love their classic Strawberry Sundae which is always a winner!

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We hope that you enjoyed all these sweet options! Which one are you going to try first? See you soon at Blue Route Mall!



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