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The official day of love will soon be here again, and if you’re in a relationship (and want to stay that way), best you start making some plans for 14 February. Of course, finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day does depend on how skilled you are at the love game – but don’t worry, no matter what level you’re at, we’ve got your back!

Beginner: If you struggle with finding gifts, what you need are stores with a wide selection. Spend some time browsing the shelves, looking at the various items, and you’re sure to come up with the perfect idea. A good tip is to bear your partner’s likes and hobbies in mind – either something they enjoy, or something they’re interested in. If they’re all about taking pics and preserving memories, a frame from Fuji Image Centre could be just the ticket. If you’re looking at strengthening your relationship together, try one of the many titles from CUM Books to give you the support you need. And if your significant other likes fun gifts, keepsakes or novelties, Cardies is sure to have what you’re looking for!


Intermediate: You’ve done the usual gifts for your partner in the past – this year you want to go a little further and give them something a bit different. So how about giving them the chance to enjoy some self-care? If your significant other enjoys experimenting with different looks, Signature Cosmetics & Fragrances has a huge range of beauty brands to choose from, along with gorgeous scents for that perfect finishing touch. Similarly, Edge for Men is also about creating new looks, with professional cutting, shaving, and grooming for men. He might not think he needs it, but really, you know best. Plus, tell him about the free beer (or coffee or juice) he’ll receive with his treatment and we’re sure he’ll be out the door in a flash.


Advanced: Why buy a gift when you can create a whole experience for your loved one – and a delicious one at that! Book a dinner for two at Ocean Basket and have your Valentine’s Day catered for you with a seafood platter to share, sushi, fresh linefish, and a host of other mouthwatering delicacies to choose from. Or if you prefer to do things your way, take a shopping trip through Woolworths and create your own romantic evening at home. Whip up a delectable starter, main and dessert, decorate with some elegant Woolies table settings and Valentine’s treats, and dinner is served!


Expert: So far so good, but if you really want to own Valentine’s Day like a boss, we can help you up your game like never before. If it’s a gift you’re after, jewellery is by far the best way to go, and will earn you serious brownie points as well. Try Harris & D’Arcy for delicate silver and gold jewellery for women, and sophisticated choices for men – or if you’re thinking about asking THAT question, Winhall & de Stadler goldsmiths and gemmologists have an exquisite selection of engagement and wedding rings, and other custom-made jewellery options too. Finally, if staying at home for Valentine’s Day is just too 2018, then why not book a romantic getaway through Flight Centre, and whisk your loved one away for the holiday of a lifetime. Now that’s how you own Valentine’s Day!


World Champion: Some gifts you buy, and some gifts are too precious to even put a price on. A blood donation is exactly that – a priceless gift that could help to save three people, and make not just their Valentine’s Day, but their entire lifetime instead. If that’s the type of love you want to share this Valentine’s, then pay a visit to The Blood Donation Centre and give a gift right from the heart.


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