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Some of us have been less active during our current quarantine. Exercise restrictions coupled with working from home has really had an affect on our activity levels. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a home fitness regime but you weren’t really sure where to start, what to buy or what to do? Then this blog post is for you! We’ve created a handy “how to” guide on getting fit and healthy at home, and how to take the most advantage of your exercise time slot! Note that currently, our Mr Price Sport, Sportscene, Totalsports, Cotton On Body and The Cross Trainer stores are all wide open for you to come shop and gear up to achieve your fitness goals!


1. Choose your exercise

May of us don’t really know what kind of exercise we enjoy. Some love yoga, others prefer weight training. The most popular kinds of exercise is: Running, cycling, jogging, yoga, pilates, aerobics, swimming, hiking and weight training. We suggest trying finding a combination of three of these activities and alternating them daily. Eg, you can do a 20 minute run one day, a one hour yoga session the next day and then 30 minutes of weight training the next. Ideally, we would like to do more, but this is a really good start for anyone looking to build a passion for working out.

2. Get geared up

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Most sports are going to require some very basic equipment. Here’s a great break-down of what you’ll need! Kindly note that these are just the basics for beginners.

Depending on your sport of choice, you will need: Comfortable clothing and leggings for women. A water bottle. A sweat towel. Running / hiking or gym shoes. You will need beginner weights, an exercise or yoga mat. You might enjoy using a fitness watch to track your progress, which is very motivating. For run and jogging you will definitely want some music to keep you going. For those more adventurous, you might enjoy boxing; which will require a home boxing bag. Kindly note that all of the above items are sourced from Mr Price Sport, but you will find all of this equipment, gear and clothing at all of our sporting stores.

Below, we’ve got stunning sneakers and running shoes from TotalSports. The prices start at just R999.95. We also absolutely love this season’s selection of tights from Cotton On Body. The prices start at R349.00 and you’ll be tempted to live in them! Perfect for every type of exercise you’ll want to do!

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3. Plan your routine!

You need to set a time-table of which activity you will be enjoying every day and stick to it. Being consistent with exercise is the key to success. Grab a piece of paper or notebook and carefully plan what you will be doing every day. Be realistic and start small. Tick off each item you’ve completed and celebrate each one in your own little way. Each ticked item will bring you that step closer to your goal.


4. Find resources and support

There are thousands and thousands of online tutorials, personal trainers and virtual classes available online. These are all completely FREE. It might be lonely, scary and de-motivating to get started on your own, so following a simple yoga routine or aerobics class can be really fun and will give you the confidence to carry on!


We scoured the internet and found the BEST, most popular workout and fitness accounts to get you started. Find a little area in your home where you have some room, put down your mat, pick up your dumbbells and stream these FREE videos on your phone, tablet or TV. We love Hasfit because they break their fun workouts into sections, eg you can choose to do just your abs one day, and do just your arms on another. Find their channel and the Beginner workouts here. We love Tone it Up for quick toning videos. Find them here. Our favourite for a WIDE variety of videos is probably PopSugar Fitness over here. For yoga, we found that Yoga with Adriene was the most popular, with over 7 million subscribers. Find her channel here.

We hope that you enjoyed this beginner guide and we look forward to seeing you in our mall again soon! Stay safe, healthy and active until next time!

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