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We’re slowly heading into Spring, so many of us are in a panic to get in shape! Lockdown has been hard on our bodies with less activity and exercise – and more time spent around our fridges : ) Here’s the healthy eater’s guide to finding the most delicious and healthy meals, snacks and treats around our mall.


They are famous for their healthy, balanced and nutritious menu. From green smoothies to soups, salads, wraps and warm bowls, you’ll definitely find something delicious to feast on. We particularly like their breakfasts, warm bowls and salads. Their curry is also fantastic and perfect for winter!

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Put down that cheese burger and order their salads! They have grilled chicken and harvest salads on their menu. If you feel like something warmer, then order their Peri-peri 1/4 Chicken (R64.90) or get it in Lemon & Herb or Barbeque. Swap your chips for a salad and your soda for a water and that’s it! It’s really easy to make healthy choices wherever you are. We particularly like that their kids meals are served with salad!


It’s hard to say no to Spur’s saucy ribs and crispy onion rings, but you can still have a delicious and filling meal without splurging on carbs. Spur has three yummy salads on their menu. We really love the Strips & Avo Salad (R78.90) which has spicy chicken strips as a topping. They also offer really good Hot Veg that you can replace your chips with. You can also order one of their many chicken or seafood dishes – from Grilled Chicken Breasts to Calamari or Hake!

Ocean Basket

Where do we start? Ocean Basket makes the best seafood! They also have some lovely salads on the menu. We especially like the Seared Salmon Salad, which comprises of 70g salmon with fresh avo, ponzu (soy & citrus) sauce & sesame seeds for only R95.00. If you’re not in the mood for salad, then you will love their huge variety of grilled seafood and sushi. You honestly can’t go wrong at Ocean Basket so bring the family and come eat your heart out, guilt-free!


Mugg n Bean

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their famous soups. The Roasted Tomato & Basil Soup is next level delicious. The soup is topped with basil pesto & served with a toasted mozzarella sandwich on wholewheat or rye bread at only R59.90! They also have a huge variety of healthy breakfasts and salads. Their Moroccan Butternut & Chickpea salad is divine. Roasted butternut, spiced chickpeas, walnuts, cherry tomatoes, feta & spring onions tossed with mixed lettuce. Served with honey mustard dressing at just R64.90 and only 2073 kilojoules. Come hungry!


Let’s not forget the snacks. Grab a whole bunch to take home and stock the cupboards with. We love Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts. They have a huge variety of dried nuts and fruit for you to choose from. We also really love Solely Namaqualand Biltong for delicious high-protein snacks on the go. And even though it’s cold outside, nobody can resist Marcel’s Gourmet Frozen Yoghurt. We love the strawberry and english toffee flavours the most. Bring the kids!

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We understand how tempting our huge selection of burgers and pizzas are, but Spring is just around the corner and these coats and scarves won’t be hiding our winter sins for much longer. We can’t wait to see you in our food court again soon!

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