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We’re so excited about Black Friday and you should be too! It’s the perfect time to do your Christmas and festive shopping for the holidays. Our stores have been really busy putting their mystery Black Friday stock aside to bring you the very best deals. A quick reminder that our shopping hours on Black Friday (Friday, 29 November) is from 9am to 7pm,  however many of our stores are trading longer so make sure that you’re ready at the door when we open! Here are our top tips to get the MOST out of Black Friday at Blue Route Mall.

1. Eat a good breakfast. Before you get shopping, pop into our food court to get fuelled up for a busy day of shopping. Purchase an extra water bottle so you can stay hydrated during your shop.


2. Keep the kids occupied. Most tweens and teens will want to get in on the Black Friday deals, but for those who don’t, we have loads of entertainment for them while you’re shopping your heart out. Drop the kids at Ster-Kinekor to watch a movie, or let them hang out in our food court. We offer 3 hours of FREE Wi-Fi, so pack their tech devices along!

3. Plan ahead. It’s easy to get excited about the incredible deals during Black Friday, but we recommend making a good list before you arrive, and sticking to it. You can divide this between your Christmas shopping and other needs for the family, eg “Dad needs a new laptop bag, Kids need summer clothes and stationery, Mom needs a bikini for beach holiday, etc.” Having a full list planned and sticking to it will really help!


4. Budget. It’s so hard to stick to finances when there are so many great deals going around, but have a budget in mind for your family shopping trip and manage your spend throughout the day. It’s easy to spot things that we don’t even need and it’s really hard to walk away from an incredible deal, but a budget will really help you manage. Shop for the things on your list first, and then browse around for other saving opportunities.


5. Credit limits. Did you know that your banking cards probably have a swiping limit to them? Check with your bank and see what your limit is. With online banking, you have the option to increase your limit for a set amount of time or you can go back in to decrease it again. There’s nothing worse than queuing for an hour and then being declined at the check-out counter. It’s also a good idea to carry some cash with you as this also helps you monitor how much you have spent.


6. Do social homework. Go through your list of items you want to buy, then check that store’s social media pages to see what they have on offer. Doing your homework on things that you really want will help you choose between stores that you want to get to first.


7. Hold back on the extras. Some stores will have their biggest deals on Friday, and then more discounted deals the following Monday. This is usually called “Cyber Monday” and often applies to their online stores. Most stores will offer even bigger clearances on Cyber Monday as they try deplete stock that hasn’t been purchased. It’s a good idea to pop into the mall again on Cyber Monday and see if some of your most-wanted items are further discounted.


8. Be 100% sure. Some stores don’t offer refunds, exchanges or returns on discounted items. Check the store policies with each purchase and be absolutely certain of everything you buy. Take the time to try on garments in store instead of at home and wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of, eg a summery dress and sandals instead of jeans and sneakers.

That’s it from us! We can’t wait to welcome you in for Black Friday. Get here early, get good parking and make sure that you have loads of boot space to fit all your parcels. Pro tip: Don’t forget the gift wrap and sellotape. For more info on our mall and to see our full store directory, click here.

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