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Back to School Shopping Guide 2021

Posted: 14th January 2021

For many parents, this has felt like the longest school holiday in history! Most schools return on 27 January, so there’s no doubt that you’ve started planning all the things that you need to have ready. For some of you, your child could be starting grade 1. We’ve taken a look around our mall and […]

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Make your home HAPPY

Posted: 14th January 2021

We’re all spending so much more time at home. These days, it really is the safest place to be. Some of us might be getting tired of being in the same surroundings every day – especially for those of us working from home or spending much more time there. We thought we’d INSPIRE you with […]

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What to get HER this Valentine’s Day!

Posted: 14th January 2021

Give your gal your very best this Valentine’s Day! We’ve put together this handy gift guide full of great ideas. You’ll definitely find something perfect in this list. Happy shopping, lovers! Valentino Perfume, Edgars: R1540. Instax Camera, Fugi Image Centre: R1399. Heart Necklace, Sterns: R499. Where The Crawdads Sing, Bargain Books: TBC Vegan Leather Pouch, […]

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Valentine’s Gift Guide: For HIM

Posted: 14th January 2021

Getting the man in your life a gift can be a daunting task! Why are men always so hard to buy for? And it has to be something romantic and thoughtful. We’ve put together some great ideas for you. Here’s our Blue Route Mall Valentine’s Day Gift Guide! Please always call the store ahead to […]

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Outdoor Activities Cape Town

Posted: 11th January 2021

We’re experiencing some beautiful weather in Cape Town, so we’re all bursting to go outside! We’ve rounded up some recommended activities that you can enjoy outdoors. Please always phone the relevant venue / establishment before your arrival to ensure that they are open and to understand their protocols and systems during the current Covid pandemic. […]

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Kids Holiday Activities Cape Town

Posted: 5th January 2021

Covid has brought a whole new set of rules to Cape Town locals. The school holidays are long, and we’re all looking for fun and safe things to do without our beaches to fall back on. We’ve created a list of indoor and outdoor activities for you to choose from! Staying at home is obviously […]

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Festive Decor Ideas!

Posted: 15th December 2020

We all love the festive season and Christmas is definitely the highlight. We love getting our homes ready and creating a happy, cheerful atmosphere. If you’re having people over for Christmas this year, then you might be looking for some ideas on how to decorate your home, table and wrap your gifts along a similar […]

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Gift Guide | For Her

Posted: 14th December 2020

Christmas shopping is so much fun, but it can be tricky finding something that works for the woman / girl in your life AND your budget. We’ve put together some fool-proof ideas to help you find something perfect. Happy shopping! @Home: Nutribullet Juice Blender, R1999. Pom-Pom Slippers, R199.99. French Press Coffee Set, R599.99 and Oriental […]

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Christmas Lunch Ideas

Posted: 10th December 2020

Christmas Lunch can be a daunting task to take on. Our Checkers and Woolworths branches are here to save the day for every budget. Even better, both our stores have very handy and helpful recipes on their websites. These recipe pages are filled with inspiration and will get you excited about creating an unforgettable feast […]

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Christmas Shopping: Kids Gift Guide

Posted: 12th November 2020

Christmas shopping can be daunting on both your budget and your stress levels! The best advice that we can give you is to shop EARLY. There is nothing worse than trying to cram into the malls a week before Christmas and trying to get your last-minute shopping done. We’ve created a guide on how to […]

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Planning your December Holiday

Posted: 6th November 2020

The festive season is almost here and it’s really has been a strange year for all of us. Many of us are hoping to get away over December or January, so we’ve put together some suggestions based on everyone’s interests and budgets! Firstly, it’s important to know that we have a Flight Centre branch in […]

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Black Friday TOP shopping tips

Posted: 6th November 2020

Some of us wait all year for Black Friday! We are lured and excited about the promise of unbelievable deals, discounts and sales. Some Black Friday deals can be up to 70% off, so this shopping event is well worth the wait. The timing of Black Friday is also perfect as it’s just in time […]

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Black Friday WISH LIST

Posted: 6th November 2020

It’s almost Black Friday and we’ve gathered a WISH LIST of things that might be on special on 27 November! We’ve broken it up in categories to inspire you on items that you might need or just want to keep your eye on come BLACK FRIDAY. Tech & Gaming Firstly, we’ll take a quick look […]

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Where to eat and drink at Blue Route Mall

Posted: 14th October 2020

Finding the perfect place to recharge and refuel at Blue Route Mall doesn’t have to be difficult. Blue Route Mall is perfect for a quick bite or chilled out break. There’s a whole host of awesome places to have a bite from smoothies and freshly squeezed juices to piping hot dishes and grab-and-go products. Here’s […]

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How Healthy Are You, really?

Posted: 14th October 2020

Health is defined as “A person who has good physical health is likely to have bodily functions and processes working at their peak.” Have you ever wondered if you are, in fact healthy? What exactly defines physical health and how can you attain it? The World Health Organisation suggests that healthy people require regular exercise, […]

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"Marley & Me" - Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

TOP celebrity beauty tricks

Posted: 6th October 2020

We all want to give our skin and hair the very BEST it deserves! We did some digging and found some TOP beauty tips from our favourite, and most beautiful celebrities. Rachel Bilson and Jennifer Aniston both swear by vaseline! Rachel uses it as a make-up remover to remove her make-up after a long day. […]

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Makeover inspiration. Get your glow-up for Summer!

Posted: 6th October 2020

We all love a good make-over in our favourite girly movies, but have you ever attempted to do a makeover ON YOURSELF? Grab your best friend and let’s take a look on HOW TO create the classic make-over for Summer! From hair to nails, clothes to skincare – here’s our full list of make-over essentials […]

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Biggest Beauty Sellers 2020

Posted: 6th October 2020

We all love pampering ourselves, but finding the perfect products for your skin is always really tricky. It can be daunting to walk down aisles of really beautiful, but sometimes expensive products – not knowing which ones will work for you. It’s the worst feeling when you spend a lot of money on a product […]

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Kendall Jenner’s Spring Fashion Trends

Posted: 23rd September 2020

We love Kendall Jenner! As a top supermodel and style icon, most media look to her street style to help determine the season’s latest looks. This year we’re seeing a lot more flesh, with really short shorts, crop tops and vests. Another new and unusual trend is bra-tops! We had a look around our mall […]

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Bring the sunshine in!

Posted: 16th September 2020

We’re so excited about Spring! It’s time to draw open the curtains, open the windows and let the sunshine back into your home! We’ve looked around our mall to find the lightest, brightest decor items to brighten your home. First up, let’s look at the gorgeous florals currently at Mr Price Home – all available […]

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It’s time for dessert!

Posted: 14th September 2020

We love treating ourselves, and Blue Route Mall has everything you need for when that sweet tooth strikes! From delicious cakes, waffles, ice cream, milkshakes and sundaes, you’ll definitely find something yummy in our mall. We took a look around our many restaurants and picked a few of our most favourite treats to get your […]

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havaianas size guide

Posted: 9th September 2020

HOW DO I MEASURE MY HAVAIANAS SANDAL SIZE? With Havaianas making their way all over the world, you might notice multiple sizes listed on your Havaianas. Our conversions and comparisons are always made using the Brazilian size as a base. The Brazilian size will always be the most prominent on your Havaianas – we’ve circled […]

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MUST reads for Literacy Day

Posted: 4th September 2020

September 8th is International Literacy Day, encouraging and supporting literacy everywhere. The day focuses on the importance and value of literacy. The ability to read and write isn’t only important for individuals, but societies as a whole. Some say literacy is a matter of dignity and human rights. Literacy is also an essential foundation of […]

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Flight Centre

where in the world is your next holiday?

Posted: 3rd September 2020

All travellers want something different out of their journey and luckily the diverse destinations across the globe have something for everyone. Your photo albums could be filled with snapshots of the United States’ larger than life cities, the colourful villages of South America, the lush landscapes of New Zealand or the ancient allure of the […]

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Have a beautiful Woman’s Day!

Posted: 4th August 2020

Woman’s Day is fast approaching and what a better time to celebrate YOU! August is known as Women’s Month, so we wanted to entice and encourage you to delve deep into SELF LOVE and let us spoil and pamper you at Blue Route Mall. We think it’s definitely time for a new haircut and maybe […]

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Let’s get FIT for Spring!

Posted: 4th August 2020

Spring is on it’s way! The weather is heating up and it’s almost time to dust off those cute summer dresses and shorts and show a lot more skin. If lockdown and winter has been tough on your belly, then maybe you want to get fit! Whether you like running, doing yoga, lifting weights or […]

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It’s time to go outside!

Posted: 30th July 2020

Things really have changed these past few months, which sees most of us spending all our time at home. The weather is warming up, so now is the perfect time to give your garden, courtyard or balcony a gorgeous mini makeover. We want you to create a space that’s beautiful for your family’s home entertainment. […]

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Healthy & Delicious Meal Options

Posted: 26th July 2020

We’re slowly heading into Spring, so many of us are in a panic to get in shape! Lockdown has been hard on our bodies with less activity and exercise – and more time spent around our fridges : ) Here’s the healthy eater’s guide to finding the most delicious and healthy meals, snacks and treats […]

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Winter Wish List!

Posted: 15th July 2020

It’s still the middle of winter and it seems like it’s only getting colder! We’ve looked around our mall to find a few things to make your home a bit warmer this season! Mr Price Home always delivers with the cozy blankets and right now, they have blankets and throws starting from just R99.99! We […]

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Kids Winter Fashion!

Posted: 15th July 2020

Some of your favourite kids clothing stores are running end-of-season sales right now, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on winter goodies for your children. We took a look around our stores and gathered a few of our favourite, most adorable items that will look super cute on your kids! Some parents like […]

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It’s time to dine at Blue Route Mall!

Posted: 7th July 2020

We’re so excited to let you know that ALL the restaurants at Blue Route Mall are currently OPEN! This means that you can visit your favourite eatery and enjoy your meals as sit-down at our various dining options. You can find a full list of ALL our restaurants here. Note that all our our dining […]

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How to combat flu this winter!

Posted: 6th July 2020

Flu and cold season is officially here! While we’re all very focused on more serious symptoms like COVID, also remember that all sorts of other winter niggles are still lurking around. We created this article in partnership with our Clicks and Dis-Chem branches to help you and your family stay healthy this Winter! How do […]

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hair and beauty salons are officially open

Posted: 26th June 2020

Our hair and beauty salons are deemed safe to resume operations, the following salons are now open for business: Carlton Hair Edge for Men Partners Hair Design Sorbet These salons have strict hygiene and safety measures in place. Please contact them or view their Facebook pages for more information on their protocols.  

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Father’s Day Shopping Guide

Posted: 15th June 2020

Shopping for Father’s Day is loads of fun! If you’re wondering what to get the dad in your life, then we’ve got some great ideas for you and a huge variety of stores to shop from. One of the easiest things to get dad, which is always a HUGE hit: is treats! You can buy […]

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Planning the perfect Father’s Day

Posted: 5th June 2020

Father’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate our dads and show them how much they mean to us! From breakfast to bedtime, we’ve got you covered! The first thing you’ll need to organise is a delicious breakfast in bed. Instead of the usual bacon and eggs, we recommend going all out and making something […]

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delicious take-away convenience!

Posted: 5th June 2020

We’re so excited to tell you that most of your favourite eateries are serving take-aways at Blue Route Mall! These include Burger King, Debonair’s Pizza, Jakura Sushi & Asian Cuisine. You can also order from Kauai, Stella’s and KFC! So whether you’re craving a juicy burger, a cheesy pizza, sushi or a healthy smoothie – […]

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Winter Trend Alert: White & Suits

Posted: 5th June 2020

White suits were a HUGE hit back in 2014, and this season they’ve come back in style. We’ve spotted the biggest celebrities sporting the white-on-white trend, with suits being the most popular pick in winter. Colour-pop and suits of any kind are also very much IN, so right now – you’re looking for all-white outfits, […]

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Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Posted: 1st June 2020

Father’s Day is a wonderful time to celebrate the dads in our lives. You could be shopping for your own father or your husband, so we’ve put together a list of great ideas for all interests and budgets! We’re not sure what interests your dad’s have, but there’s definitely something for everyone in this blog […]

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are children allowed at the mall?

Posted: 29th May 2020

While we understand there are no restrictions on the movement of children, it is recommended that everyone tries to shop alone as far as possible. This helps tenants to better manage the numbers inside the store and it eliminates the risk of children contracting the virus. It is highly recommended to limit the number of […]

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your safety is our priority

Posted: 29th May 2020

Dear customers, BEFORE visiting our mall, please consider: *Only sending one family member to do the shopping. *Keeping children at home where possible. *Prepare a shopping list beforehand to make your shop quicker and more efficient. *Please ensure you are wearing a mask before entering our mall. *Make your trip through the shops as fast […]

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Home Fitness: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted: 28th May 2020

Some of us have been less active during our current quarantine. Exercise restrictions coupled with working from home has really had an affect on our activity levels. Maybe you’ve been wanting to start a home fitness regime but you weren’t really sure where to start, what to buy or what to do? Then this blog […]

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Women’s Autumn / Winter Fashion 2020

Posted: 13th May 2020

The days are getting colder and we’ve all found ourselves reaching for the jeans, knits and jackets these days. We want to talk winter fashion and show you what we have available in our stores at the moment. Note that our clothing stores ARE allowed to sell winter clothing, and the following fashion stores are […]

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Kids Autumn / Winter Fashion 2020

Posted: 13th May 2020

Kids seem to need brand-new wardrobes every Winter! We’re here to save the day with our gorgeous range of kids clothing currently available at Mr Price, Naartjie, Earth Child, LTD Kids, Woolworths and Ackermans. Note that MOST of our fashion stores are currently open for Winter shopping. Find the full list and trading hours here. […]

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A Comfortable Trend for Winter 2020

Posted: 11th May 2020

Winter is on the way and we have the latest fashion trends available that will keep you cosy and stylish. Bold, bright, warm, and energetic blue, red, green, grey, tangerine and silver are the vibrant colours of winter for 2020. Consisting of mid-length dresses, oversized jumpers, denim, slim leg trousers, high boots, trench coats and […]

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Posted: 4th May 2020

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, 10 May! It’s a bit tricky this year, but we’ve created the perfect gift guide to ensure that your mom (or your wife) gets something she absolutely loves this Mother’s Day. Note that a lot of our stores are currently OPEN under Level 4; see the full list here. It’s […]

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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts from the kids!

Posted: 4th May 2020

The kids are all at home right now, so let’s keep them busy with a few simple, fun and easy things they can make for Mom this Mother’s Day! Moms love personal things from their children and will keep and treasure these forever. You can get all these art supplies at our Checkers store and […]

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Mother’s Day Bumper Post

Posted: 4th May 2020

Mother’s Day is such a special day for moms. It’s the day that we get to show them just how much we love and appreciate them! It’s so important to plan the day from start to finish to make her feel truly special. The very first thing you’ll need to do, is plan breakfast… and […]

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Our TOP 10 recipes for lockdown

Posted: 20th April 2020

It seems like everyone on social media is currently baking! We’ve had a look all over the internet and found our TOP TEN FAVOURITE RECIPES for you to try. We’ve looked to our favourite South African bakers, and our Checkers and Woolworths recipe books to find the things that you absolutely have to try at […]

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How to boost your health!

Posted: 14th April 2020

We’re more concerned about our health more than ever. Staying healthy and having a strong immune system is more important than ever before. There are so many theories going around on how to achieve optimal health, so we’ve investigated all the options to bring you this ultimate guide to being your best, most healthy version […]

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Blue Route Safety Protocols

Posted: 3rd April 2020

These are very scary times for all South Africans and Blue Route has your best interests in mind! Kindly note that our Checkers, Woolworths, Dis-Chem, Clicks and Absolute Pets are still open and are well stocked. The stores are restricting the number of people allowed in the store at a time and have implemented social […]

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Easter on Lockdown!

Posted: 3rd April 2020

It seems strange that we are all bundled up at home this Easter, but these are very scary times for our nation and we are determined to still have a fun, delicious and entertaining holiday for the whole family – right at home!  Note that our Woolworths Food, Checkers , Dis-Chem and Clicks are still […]

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Lockdown DIYs for Entertaining Kids!

Posted: 2nd April 2020

Parents are particularly stressed at the moment! Working from home with little kids to entertain (and no nannies in sight) is a huge challenge. No more quick trips to the park, playdates or family outings, either! We’ve rounded up a few ideas for you to help you keep the little ones occupied in the upcoming […]

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The Blood Donation Centre

the western cape blood service assures blood donors that donating blood is safe

Posted: 30th March 2020

The Western Cape Blood Service (WCBS) would like to assure donors that donating blood is safe. There is currently no reason to suspect that COVID-19 can be transmitted through blood transfusion. This is based on the fact that respiratory viruses, in general, are not known to be transmitted by blood transfusion, and there have been […]

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Summer Loving, happened so fast

Posted: 4th March 2020

Summer might be behind us, but the first school holiday of 2020 is upon us. For most Cape Town schools, the holidays are from 20 – 31 March. And then Easter is from 9 – 13 April, so we have loads of holiday planning to do! We checked in with our Flight Centre branch to […]

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Summer Loving, had me a blast!

Posted: 28th February 2020

We’re not quite ready to let go of summer yet! Although we’re officially in Autumn now, we still want to soak up the last of the sunshine days with cute dresses, beach trips and loads of outdoor entertaining and balmy evenings at home. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite ideas and products from various […]

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Matric Dance Bumper Post

Posted: 17th February 2020

For most girls, we only ever get two big occasions where we can dress up and go all out with styled hair, perfect make-up, sparkly shoes and of course a gorgeous dress. Their wedding day, and their Matric Dance! We’ve gone through our mall and found loads of ideas for you to make your Matric […]

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Romantic gifts for him and her!

Posted: 7th February 2020

Valentine’s Day is such a romantic and perfect day to celebrate the love of your life! We’ve got loads of ideas on what to get your valentine this year. For her: A firm favourite and popular choice is always flowers. You really can’t go wrong with a gorgeous bunch of fresh flowers – the more […]

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New year, new YOU!

Posted: 13th January 2020

Happy New Year to all our customers and readers! It’s a new year and a new decade, which is filling most of us with loads of inspiration! This is the most popular time for people to make new year’s resolutions and try and improve ourselves, our health and our habits for the better. Sticking to […]

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Back to School 2020

Posted: 13th January 2020

It’s a bittersweet moment when we send our kids back to school every year. Holidays with kids can be chaotic because entertaining little ones over the festive season is loads of hard work for parents! But as soon as they’re out the door and back in the classroom, most of us feel a bit weepy. […]

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The Perfect Gift Guide for Him and Her

Posted: 9th December 2019

We’ve been going through our stores and finding the best gift ideas for Him & Her this Christmas. Shopping for your partner, mother or father is always a daunting task and sometimes you can browse the mall for hours looking for something that they will love. Here are our favourite gift ideas for Him and […]

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The Ultimate Kids Gift Guide!

Posted: 9th December 2019

Christmas is all about the children! We have South Africa’s two biggest and most loved toy stores in our mall: Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us/Babies R Us! We’ve looked through Santa’s catalogue, and these are our TOP PICKS for your little ones this Christmas.  The top, timeless kids brands at the moment are Lego, […]

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Christmas Bumper Post!

Posted: 4th December 2019

We all love Christmas and we definitely love that it involves a LOT of eating! Impress your guest at this year’s Christmas dinner with this stunning Roast Lamb recipe by local foodie, Sam Linsell. You can find the full recipe here. INGREDIENTS 1 leg of lamb – 2 – 2.5kg 2T harissa paste Olive oil […]

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At the movies this week

Posted: 27th November 2019

Don’t miss the latest and new releases at the movies this week! We’ve created a post on our top picks for you to watch before they go off the big screen! Fisherman’s Friends (Based on a true story) A fast-living, cynical London music executive reluctantly heads to Cornwall on a colleague’s stag weekend where he’s […]

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8 Top Tips for Black Friday

Posted: 19th November 2019

We’re so excited about Black Friday and you should be too! It’s the perfect time to do your Christmas and festive shopping for the holidays. Our stores have been really busy putting their mystery Black Friday stock aside to bring you the very best deals. A quick reminder that our shopping hours on Black Friday […]

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Ultimate Christmas Shopping Guide

Posted: 15th November 2019

Shopping for men is often the hardest part! Ticking Dad / your partner off the list is probably the most daunting part of Christmas shopping. We’ve looked through our mall and found a few great ideas for you! Our Luggage and Leather stores have really gorgeous travel gear, from sporty backpacks to stylish laptop bags […]

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Black Friday Wish-List Shopping Guide

Posted: 8th November 2019

We have over 22 exciting fashion stores in our mall for you to choose from. From kids clothing to summer dresses and beach wear – make sure you’re first in line this Black Friday to get yourself and the whole family SUMMER ready! Here are a few of our favourite picks! Kindly note that stores […]

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whale peschak

Ban the bag with Blue Route Mall

Posted: 7th October 2019

How often do you purchase plastic bags for your shopping? Every time you visit a store? Once every now and then? Never? While they’re certainly convenient, plastic bags pose a significant threat to our environment, including considerable waste, excessive flooding due to clogging of drains and other areas, and substantial harm to our oceans and […]

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Rugby World Cup at Blue Route Mall

Posted: 1st October 2019

Rugby fever is here and we’re loving every second of it. To make it easier for you to plan around the games, we’ve put together this guide to get the MOST out of the 2019 Rugby World Cup! Our SA game against Italy kicks off today at 11:45, so you better be joining us at […]

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Trick or Treat!

Posted: 1st October 2019

Dressing up for Halloween is always really fun for kids, but quite stressful for parents! Often they need to dress up for school, trick-or-treat, parties or family get-togethers and it’s really hard to come up with easy, do-able ideas that are practical and affordable! Our King Cake Party Shop AND The Crazy Store have super […]

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The Best School Holiday Activities for Kids

Posted: 30th August 2019

Entertaining kids in the school holidays is T R I C K Y. Keeping kids occupied when they’re bouncing with energy (or worse: bored) is definitely challenging for most parents. We have your back, and we’ve researched the absolute best things to do with your kids! Keep this list handy for every holiday, because it […]

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Screen Shot 2019-08-28 at 11.58.25 AM

The Best Cape Town Camping Spots

Posted: 30th August 2019

We’re so excited for the warmer weather, the outdoors and the flower season in the Cape. To celebrate, we thought we’d share our top 5 camping areas in and around Cape Town. It’s the best time of year to get outdoors and spend time with your family and loved ones. It isn’t too hot, it […]

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ts yellow

Yellow, Spring!

Posted: 5th August 2019

If you’re already looking forward to Spring (we know we are) then you definitely need to start getting your wardrobe ready. This Spring / Summer 2019’s favourite colour is YELLOW. And we mean every shade of yellow. From sunshine to canary, pastel yellow, mustard and even neon – you absolutely need to be seen in […]

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burger king 1

What kind of a foodie are you?

Posted: 5th August 2019

We all love food and definitely can’t live without it. We’ve looked to popular quiz site, BuzzFeed, and want to share their famous FOODIE QUIZ with you! Step 1: Take their quiz to find out who you really are when it comes to food: CLICK HERE. Are you a Fancy, Healthy, Normal or Junk Foodie? […]

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Trend Alert! Fake fur & leather

Posted: 18th July 2019

One of the biggest trends we’re seeing for Winter is the gorgeous fake fur & leather combo, as styled by one of our fashion icons: Kylie Jenner. Kylie wears a white Guess coat, leather leggings and lace-up boots. We love the colour-block black and white look, and we really love that this outfit will work […]

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we’re loving: Kids Fashion Winter Must-Haves

Posted: 21st June 2019

We are loving winter and especially the cute-overload of seeing kiddies dressed up in puffy jackets, boots and fluffy tops. We’ve looked around and gathered a few of our favourite winter items from our mall. We have so many stores to shop kids fashion, and right now is the perfect time to stock up for […]

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Blue Route Mall – the most entertaining place to be over the school holidays

Posted: 4th March 2019

If you’re looking for ways to keep the family entertained over the upcoming school holidays, look no further than Blue Route Mall – your one-stop entertainment destination with something for everyone to enjoy. For starters, kids can enjoy The Kids Shack open Tuesdays to Thursdays and Sundays 9:30am to 4:30pm and Fridays and Saturdays 9:30am […]

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Get your glitz on at your Matric Farewell!

Posted: 18th February 2019

Best part about being in your final year of high school? Matric Farewell of course! A chance to get dressed up, look your best, and leave school days behind once and for all! Of course, the evening itself is just half the fun – the other half is getting ready for the big event. So […]

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How good is your Valentine’s Day game?

Posted: 4th February 2019

The official day of love will soon be here again, and if you’re in a relationship (and want to stay that way), best you start making some plans for 14 February. Of course, finding the right gift for Valentine’s Day does depend on how skilled you are at the love game – but don’t worry, […]

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It’s time to take your December holidays to the next level!

Posted: 13th December 2018

December is here and so is chaos – putting up decorations, getting ready to go away, or spring cleaning the house before guests arrive… the to-do list is endless! And if you’re still shopping for gifts, finding the perfect present can be a complete nightmare. Luckily for you, at Blue Route Mall we’ve got everything […]

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Get the ultimate party look

Posted: 14th November 2018

The holiday season is almost here and you know what that means – parties, functions, events, and almost every outing you can think of! It also means you’ll want to look your best, but with so many other items on your to-do list, who’s got the time? Not to worry though – because with a […]

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Think outside the box this Christmas – technology & innovation

Posted: 1st November 2018

The holiday season is gaining on us, and before you know it, shopping centres will be packed with people on a mission to hunt down the perfect gifts for their loved ones. But what exactly is the perfect gift, and how do you give someone a present you know they’ll love, rather than one they’ll […]

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How to make your next first date delicious

Posted: 10th October 2018

First dates are usually a complete minefield for most of us – the nerves, the anxiety, wondering what to wear, deciding where to go. What’s more, with apps like Tinder and Bumble taking over the dating scene, often first dates are blind dates too, which can cause stress levels to skyrocket. No wonder most of […]

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